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SArajevo Stock EXchange Index 10 – SASX-10


The Sarajevo Stock Exchange Index 10 (short form: SASX-10) is the main index on the Sarajevo Stock Exchange. It depicts the price movement of the top 10 issuers on the Sarajevo Stock Exchange (excluding investment funds) ranked by market capitalization and frequency of trading.

SASX-10 is a price index, meaning that no cash dividends are reinvested in the index. It main goal is to serve as a general benchmark index. SASX-10 is a (full) market capitalization weighted index, where the maximum influence of an individual issuer is capped at 20%.

The index consists of issuers which meet the following criteria (excluding the Investment funds):
- The issuer is among the top 10 companies ranked by full market capitalization,
- The frequency of trading with the shares of the issuer is at least 2/3 of the possible trading days in the semester
- The issuer is not in bankruptcy proceedings

The base date of the index is December 31st, 2004, and the corresponding base-value was set to 1.000,00 index points.

Index includes the following issuers:



Real participation in the market capitalization of the index *

Capped participation in the index


 BH Telecom d.d. Sarajevo

444.890.744,11 KM  



 JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d. Sarajevo

444.890.744,11 KM



 JP Elektroprivreda HZHB Mostar

434.337.940,00 KM  



 Hrvatske Telekomunikacije d.d. Mostar

277.959.660,00 KM  



 Bosnalijek d.d. 

 110.145.712,00 KM



 Fabrika duhana Sarajevo d.d. Sarajevo

94.462.174,40 KM  



 Energoinvest d.d. Sarajevo

 70.630.728,00 KM



 Energopetrol d.d. Sarajevo

65.915.064,00 KM 



 IK Banka d.d. 

26.302.027,92 KM 



 Tvornica Cementa Kakanj d.d. Kakanj

254.918.926,00 KM 


For additional information regarding to index construction and maintenance, please reffer to the SASX-10 METHODOLOGY.

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